What is Gendai Ryu?

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GavPummelBlending modern MMA and Combatives with traditional Principles

Welcome to Gendai Ryu Martial Arts and Combatives. Gendai Ryu literally translates to "Modern System" which epitomises our approach and goals. We are first and foremost a street self defence system (like many Krav Maga and Modern Combative Systems) but strive to incorporate the developmental and ethical realities of more traditional and holistic martial arts systems such as Jujitsu and Ninjitsu. Due to the integrated and rounded approach to training, our system has often been described as the epitome of "Street Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)". We have a long history of constant refinement and improvement dating back to the late 1980s where the Gendai Ryu concept was initially refined by Master Vernon Rosenberg (click here for his summarised Bio) based on years of application in tactical policing and real life violent encounters. Master Rosenberg's most senior student Master Gavriel Schneider continued the evolution of the system and spent many years training in other styles and systems. Specifically Master Schneider has been a long time student of Grand Master Dennis Hanover the founder of Hisardut / Dennis Survival Jujitsu (DSJJ) and is proud to be graded a 6th Degree Black Belt in the system by GM Hanover himself (click here from more information about GM Hanover and his system).

Today the Gendai System provides the very best mix for serious practitioners who wants to learn street practical self-defence but also strive to become rounded and capable martial arts practitioners. We provide this though the presentation of two integrated streams of development: Advanced Combat Training also referred to as Krav Maga and Combatives as well as Gendai Jujitsu which is a modern form of Jujitsu incorporating many aspects of more traditional Japanese Jujitsu, Judo as well as Brazilian Jujitsu and Ninjitsu. Together with our partners in the Modern Warrior Alliance (click here) we believe that we produce some of the most rounded martial artists who understand the legalities of self-defence and the ethical responsibility that accompanies the skills they develop.

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Unsurpassed instructional quality, true in-depth knowledge and professionalism, realistic and innovative training methods, tactics and techniques tested and proven in the real world, a comprehensive modern learning curriculum, information that is easy to understand and retain - these are some of the Gendai Ryu advantages...

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