History of Gendai Ryu

historyphoto1Gendai Ryu was formalised in the late 1980s by Sensei Vernon Rosenberg as part of an international collaboration between role players in the USA and Europe. Gendai Ryu translates as "Modern School". Initially this was a break away from traditional Ninjitsu and Jujitsu Schools whose focus was not on the combative and street practical requirements that the volatile and dangerous environment of South Africa required. To this end, Sensei Vernon formed the South African Ninjitsu Survival League in the early 1990s. Sensei Vernon whose traditional martial arts grades included (6th Dan Ninjitsu, 2nd Dan Gosoku Ryu Karate, 2nd Dan Jujitsu, 2nd Dan Atemi Jitsu and black belt Kung Fu) also had extensive experience and recognition in tactical policing, emergency response as well as law enforcement and bodyguard training.

Sensei Vernon was also an active stuntman and unfortunately, over time developed degenerative back problems, which evolved to the point of him not being able to actively train and teach. Whilst not actively teaching Sensei Vernon remained as the inactive head of the system until late 2013 when Dr Gavriel Schneider formally took on the role as head of system (click here for information and Bio of Dr G Schneider).
Due to Gavriel's diverse background and experience the Gendai system further continued on its process of evolution with a focus on two core offerings:

  • Practical Self-defence and Combatives run under the Advanced Combat Training (ACT) system and Gendai Krav Maga (GKM)
  • Jujitsu and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

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Unsurpassed instructional quality, true in-depth knowledge and professionalism, realistic and innovative training methods, tactics and techniques tested and proven in the real world, a comprehensive modern learning curriculum, information that is easy to understand and retain - these are some of the Gendai Ryu advantages...

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