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How can I train or get my unit or group trained?

Training is offered in the following formats:

  • Ongoing training (subject to location)
  • Train the Trainer
  • Short courses and seminars
  • Training duration, format and delivery can be modified based on your unique requirements.

What is our approach to Defensive Tactics and Self Defence?

The Gendai approach is demonstrated in our concept of Advanced Combat Training (A.C.T) which is one of the most street practical no-nonsense self defence systems available today. The system is the product of decades of evolution and refinement. It is one of the few Defensive Tactics Systems designed and based on PhD level scientific research. Our system has been battle tested by Military, Police, specialised security and private individuals hundreds of times over the last two decades and has been credited with saving lives on many occasions. The core basis for the system is founded on the following principal concepts:

Training, techniques and skills must be based on the realities of violent attack, in order to quantify this we incorporate the following guiding principles into all our training:

  • An attacker has no regard for the law and your wellbeing and attacks with a mind-set of no-rules or limitations
  • Most attackers will utilise weaponry as such training should include the use and defence against applicable weapons systems
  • It is more likely than not that a situation will involve multiple attackers who will not engage from the front but attempt to utilise surprise and distraction and attack from the sides or back
  • Based on adrenal response and situational factors most attack situations land up on the ground, therefore ground based defence skills are critical

In contradiction to the last point, it is critical that when applying effective defensive tactics that defendants are taught to try and stay on their feet and not go to the ground whenever possible
Training should be delivered as realistically and safely as possible – our goal is to push the limits of our students in training so that they know they can defend themselves when it counts. This is difficult to achieve without a high injury rate but our scientific approach to stress inoculation has been proven to save lives.

Important Principles

  • Training should focus on forgiving, simple techniques that are repeated and ingrained in our practitioners to the point of becoming instinctive responses
  • Training must incorporate the realities of adrenal response and management
  • We apply a unique triangle developmental model that is designed to cultivate technical capability, physical and mental attributes as well as a capable and resilient mind-set
  • Our Defensive Tactics integrate into our Jujitsu and martial arts approach. This enables further and ongoing skills development for those who are interested in sustainable growth and enjoy the martial arts but do not want to create confusion in their core skill sets which could actually make their DT skills less effective.


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